Our Services

Hourly Consulting – this is a great option for those confident travelers who enjoy the hours of planning their own trips but would benefit from our tips, recommendations, and experience.  We can also help you decipher websites that are in local language (French or Italian), help you purchase tickets for events, shows, transportation, etc. – $200/hour (1 hour minimum)                *This fee could be applied to the cost of an escorted trip with certain limitations.

Villa Vacation Rental – do you dream of staying at a villa in Tuscany (or other regions in Italy)?  I can help find the accommodations that fit your specifications to make that dream come true! We also provide the transportation services with special drivers that provide transportation via limousines, buses and others.

Private or small group tour leading services – personalized/customized escorted trip

Does any of this sound like your situation:

  • Excited to take a trip but friends/family aren’t able to take the time off.
  • Want to explore Europe but friends/family are not interested in visiting the same places.
  • Have a friend/family member to travel with but don’t have the time/experience to organize and map out the trip.
  • Love the idea of exploring a foreign country but also love the idea of:
          • not having to think about logistics during the travels.
          • having someone right there with me who speaks the language and can translate the menus, decipher signs, etc.
  • Have lots of places on my list to visit but no idea how to organize them into an itinerary.

These are just some of the reasons that my clients turn to me for tour leading services.  We’ll meet to go over your must-include cities/sites and then I’ll craft the trip you’ve been dreaming of taking but haven’t had the time or knowledge to create.  Cost of the trip will depend on the ultimate itinerary.

Contact me for details and let’s get that dream trip planned!!