Michele’s Book

Quest for Life in Europe: Relatable Anecdotes and Advice from a Lifetime of Experience

Quest for Life in Europe

About the Book:

What do windsurfing and laryngitis have to do with French?  What are some of the funny and sometimes embarrassing traps you might fall into as you’re learning a language?  What are some of the crazy obstacles that can come into play when chasing an international career?

In this fun and easy-to-read narrative, Michele highlights and brings to life the (mis-)adventures of international travel and a career that involves crossing cultures.  You’ll be nodding your head and laughing as you relate to these experiences, if you’ve been out there internationally.  And if you haven’t, these stories will spark an interest and curiosity to get out there and explore!  It’s obvious that Michele loves to share her love of Europe and worldwide travel and you just can’t help getting pulled into her orbit.

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