About Our Company

While recently living in Switzerland, my husband, two tween children and I took advantage of every opportunity to travel extensively throughout Western Europe.  The adventures and amazing cultural encounters we were lucky enough to experience will be forever in our memories and have contributed to opening our minds and increasing our curiosity (an invaluable experience for our children).

During my three years in Switzerland, it became clear that I had a special skill for planning amazing trips throughout Europe. Upon my return to the USA, I realized that I could combine my passion for European travel with my extensive knowledge of each of the countries to help others plan a truly customized, memorable experience.   And, voila, “Europe Your Own Way” was born.

About me – I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, USA but have taken many opportunities over the past 25+ years to spend time traveling around Europe. I had lived in Italy and France previously, speak fluent Italian and French and have traveled throughout the world both for pleasure as well as for business.

My first visit to France was as a 12-year old on a school trip.  That ignited my passion, and I wanted more.  As a high school student, I did a 3-week exchange program with a school in Lyon, France.  This resulted in a lifelong friendship with my “French sister” and her family.  I spent my junior year of college studying at the Universite de Nice in Nice, France.

And it didn’t stop there!

As a grad student, I spent the summer in Le Marche region of Italy (Urbania) learning Italian. I then participated in a summer program at the Bocconi in Milan, Italy as prep for an internship and, as a follow-up, I did an 8 month internship living in Rome, Italy working for Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Fortunately, I was able to combine my love for all things Europe with my career in Marketing and worked in International Marketing at such great companies as Newell-Rubbermaid, American Greetings and Mattel/Fisher-Price. I was able to travel extensively around the globe and see Europe from yet another perspective.

And, most recently, a 3-year contract with UNICEF in Geneva, Switzerland allowed me to really live locally, visit so many incredible places and see sites most tourists would not see on a typical visit…..ultimately, ending up back ‘home’, in the USA.

Each time I have lived in Europe, I have taken the opportunity to travel and see as much as possible of the continent.  So, I am familiar with most of Western Europe but have the most experience traveling within and throughout France, Italy and Switzerland.  Not to mention the fact that I speak those countries’ languages (minus German) — a huge advantage in the trip planning process.

I love planning trips in and around Europe (especially within France, Italy and Switzerland) and would be delighted to share my passion with you as we develop your dream trip.  I recognize that people have unique interests and different definitions of a “dream trip”. My goal is to customize the experience to fit your needs and make it a trip you will never forget!  Please contact me with any questions and/or requests for travel planning.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you and sharing what I can do to make your trip a most memorable one!

Thank you! Merci! Grazie!
Michèle Chapuis