Rome, Italy

Colosseum Rome Italy

Rome is one of my favorite cities and it doesn’t disappoint!!!

Capital of Italy and the Lazio region, explore this city on foot so you don’t miss anything. Then relax and people-watch over a coffee or a glass of wine at a café in one of the many beautiful piazzas.

Why to go:  Oh so many reasons!!!  History, architecture, art, wine, food, fashion, nightlife, religion – there’s really EVERY reason to go.

When to go:  If you like big crowds and heat, then go to Rome in August.  Just make sure to keep in mind that air conditioning is not commonplace.  This is also the month that many Italians go on vacation so you might find that some stores and restaurants will be closed.  If this is not your ideal vacation situation, you will be happier visiting Rome from September to May/ June.  Ideal timing is probably September/October or May.

Where to go:  Despite the city sprawl, Rome is actually a pretty compact city to visit.  The maps you can get from your hotel or a tourist office do a good job of highlighting the key areas.  Many of the most famous sites are within or in walking distance of the “centro storico” which is the historic center of the city.  This is where you’ll find my all-time favorite piazza – Piazza Navona.  One little note about this part of the city – expect to get lost in all of the little cobblestone alleys (that’s the fun of it!).  Another great area to visit is located on the opposite side of the Tiber River, called Trastevere, and is filled with great restaurants.

What to eat and/or drink:  “When in Rome…” one typical local food that I will go out of my way to eat when visiting is suppli (my favorite!).  This is basically mozzarella inside a fried rice ball – what could be bad about that?!  And of course, make sure to eat the pasta (local specialties include bucatini, pasta arrabbiata, etc.) and Roman style pizza (thin, crisp crust) – you won’t be disappointed.  The most well-known wine of the region is a white wine called Frescati made in the hills of the Roman countryside.