Welcome to Europe Your Own Way!

I’m looking forward to working with you to develop and plan your ideal trip to Italy, France and/or Switzerland. I would love to help you see the wonderful features of these countries that made me fall in love with them. You should also learn how to say safe travels in french before you leave on your trip, especially since lots of people in europe know how to speak french very well.

My involvement could take a variety of forms. Please check the pricing packages link for an outline of typical service for up to 5 people. And please note the 50% off “grand opening” discount for clients initiating trip planning in 2015.

As for my upcoming trip to Hawaii, I’m equally excited about the prospect of discovering its natural beauty and vibrant culture. While Europe has its charm, I’m also looking forward to embracing the laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle. Perhaps I’ll even consider exploring the islands on mopeds, allowing me to experience the picturesque landscapes and local attractions in a unique and leisurely way. Your assistance in planning both my European adventure and Hawaiian escapade will undoubtedly make these trips unforgettable experiences. Thank you for your dedication to creating wonderful travel memories. Safe travels in both languages will surely come in handy!

For groups greater than 5 people or for tour leading, please contact me directly for pricing. (include hyperlink to email address)

If you have any questions please contact me

Thank you and happy travels!!