Man and Woman of the Year Fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

As Founder/Owner of Europe Your Own Way, I am incredibly proud and honored to have been nominated as a candidate for the Man and Woman of the Year Campaign with the LLS. My team and I are working to raise as much money as possible during the campaign (funds need to be in by June 18). Every dollar we raise counts as one vote for me. The candidate whose team tallies the most votes earns the prestigious title of “Man or Woman of the Year”.

For more information about the campaign and/or to make a direct donation, please click here.

As part of our fundraising, I’m very excited to be able to offer these AMAZING raffle prizes to you!!!   Because we have some fantastic and generous donors who provided us with AWESOME prizes, we’re able to do 2 separate raffles.  Please check out the image galleries below.

Tickets can be purchased through venmo or paypal to me (or credit card if necessary). Raffle winners will be drawn on June 15, 2020 and winners will be notified. (Winners outside of the Buffalo area are responsible for the cost of shipping).

Raffle A tickets:  10 for $5 or a sheet of 26 for $10
Raffle B tickets:  1 ticket for $5 or 3 tickets for $10

Please contact me for details (
Thank you!!!

Raffle A:

  • #28 - Premier Wine Prize Pack: 3 Bottles of Chardonnay, 1 Bottle of Prosecco, 2 champagne glasses and 2 wine glasses, Est val $80

Raffle B:

  • #29 - Power Wheels - battery operated Jeep Wrangler, Est val $300